Pamela Matsuda-Dunn

ALL AWAY - Williamsburg
Dimensions variable

Originally created for the Arts Happening Series at Engine Co. 212 Firehouse in Williamsburg, ALL AWAY is roughly a 2-hour performance and installation, consisting of three parts happening concurrently:
- a stop action video by Leonora Loeb of the urban views
- music improvisation by Larry Dunn with invited guest artists, Ken Butler and Patrick Derivaz
- a crocheted sculpture created in situ, incorporating rusted elements from the past: a wagon wheel from the 1890s, a rusted saw, a radiator part from a tenement building and a wire wheel from a ’32 Ford.

The performance was open to the street. We began in daylight, ending at 8pm in the dark. As the performance progressed and the sun set, projected video images became clearer. Strings of light were turned on as they were crocheted into the sculpture. The audience consisted of people who came specifically to see the performance and passersby who stopped to watch. Though we started promptly at 6p, there was no formal beginning or end. People were invited to stop by any time between 6 and 8p.

[Video by Northside Town Hall for their Arts Happening Series]

Alternate Views

  • video


  • ALL AWAY - Williamsburg photo by Hammad Sheikh

    photo by Hammad Sheikh